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    FraggedNation forum area awareness... Empty FraggedNation forum area awareness...

    Post by Jet Anderson on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:58 am


    Hope you're enjoying the ladders and kicking some ass! I know TG are even though we're not at the top currently.

    Just wanted to bring to your attention a few things.
    Changes to rules are happening soon but require members to VOTE on them. You all need to be active in the foru area and I know some of you are (Storm) which is great, just need the rest of you to have an input otherwise a rule could pass that you won't like!

    Here's the link...

    New rules you need to be aware of in the next couple of weeks will be added or not as the case may be?

    Also, this months trophies are being awarded and one of your squads is getting one, see the FN forum area for more details.

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