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    Squad Rush Mercs Night Empty Squad Rush Mercs Night

    Post by Noble Insolence on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:38 am

    Squad Rush Mercs Night P20

    So I've been thinking of making an event for every Friday night.[Day might be subject to change] A DFA vs BFBC2's Community Squad Rush night where three others including myself will play a couple of games under my leadership. No one needs to feel forced to include themselves to help me, but it would be much appreciated. I would be most greatful, if I managed just getting two guys that are willing to follow my commands within my weekly event. I am in no way saying that I am a Squad Captain or that I am the most suited to lead. I just want experience in having the stress of managing tactics with a full squad. If anything I hope to train myself to become a calm, hardy and always resourceful leader. To be honest, I hope to get 3 different DFA members to sign up for this event weekly. It will help me learn how to deal with different attitudes and different point of views. I feel like this will help me become better for DFA and ultimately good enough to one day manage a squad as leader that consists of brand-new cherries that join our ranks.[Future-Members] But as I said no one should feel like they have to help me with this. Its all on you guys, and if Friday doesn't seem like the best night of the week let me know on here. Well thanks for even bothering to read this and on a side note, I hope there is nothing wrong with this Moliat. This will just be a friendly public weekly event. Tactics, ideas and commands given within this event by yours truly may go against the ones given to all of you who belong to CSM squads. All I want to say is I respect the way all CSM leaders run their teams, but within my event on Squad Rush I respectfully hope to see those who join to back up my choices and orders. I'm a real big Squad Rush Freak, so I've learned some tips and tricks that may only work for Squad-Rush games. Eventually I do plan on taking all who have participated enough in my Squad-Rush nights to Full Rush Games. But that will be later on when I have gained enough experience in leading. So yeah guys, hope to hear from a couple of you soon; thanks again for your time.