death from above luguna presa


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    death from above luguna presa

    Post by shimvolski on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:47 am

    I had the opportunity this weekend to show SithLordMills and Gta Pysco how to get up on the cliff on Luguna Presa with a tank. If you have never done it before, it is quite fun to do with vehicle optics. Sith spawned up there as well and did some cover fire and spotting for our team while I shot the big gun with optics and Gta had the gun on top of the tank. The other team didn't know what hit them. Below are some videos on how to do this with the tank or by foot if you are interested.

    On Foot:

    By tank:

    When you try this with the tank, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep traversing the hill all the way until you get on top of it. Don't be tempted to rush it or your tank will fall down the side of the hill. They don't show it in this video, but once you are on top of the bigger part of the rock cliff or outcropping with the tank, put one side of the tanks tracks on the grassy mound at the back side of the rocky outcropping. This will set your tank up at an angle tilted downwards toward the battle field so you can aim your main gun and machine gun down at the objectives to provide coverfire and spot enemies. You can stay up there all the way until the end of the game. The best time to get up there is when you are attacking and have the last two sets of objectives left. The sun is also behind you and it is hard for the enemy to see you with all the glare behind you. If you get up there and don't have vehicle optics, it is definitely worth it to commit suicide and spawn on your squad mate up there with the optics. Enjoy!
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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by riafomh on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:34 am

    Nice piece of Intel, Shim.


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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by KennyMcKillmick on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:05 pm

    epic .. just EPIC


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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by STORMTROOPER729 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:11 pm

    Wow! you got to be f'in kidding me. That tank is defying gravity goin up that hill lol


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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by Trigger Hexxed on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:51 pm

    Very nice Shim Smile
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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by purpl3 drank on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:44 pm

    Wow, I had to deal with someone up on that ledge over the weekend. It was one of the few time I actually went recon just so I could take him out. I spent at least an hour trying to find my way up there later but kept going out of bounds. So thanks for the vid.

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    Re: death from above luguna presa

    Post by IckyMcLicky on Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:31 pm

    Amazing info man! Ty, gonna try it as soon as I get home from work!! lol

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    Re: death from above luguna presa

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