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    Help please :) Empty Help please :)

    Post by Furtz on Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:36 pm

    So I have bought the Supernova Pack and haven't found a store yet bt I hope that the DLC stuff will be in it once I get to the store.

    However I also bought Severed DLC and I don't know how to play it.
    It would be great if someone could tell me how to play it otherwise it used 560 Space credits for nothing......... Thank you Smile

    Okay don't worry anymore I have found out how to play it Very Happy

    So far it's very good and I am really enjoying it, however I am a little disappointed that you simply back track through areas from the actual game. (where you play as Clarke) But I have to say, the hospital part definitely is designed scarier this time. Especially the part with the flashing lights everywhere, I was kind of scared to enter that room. And yes I was attacked by Necros and I could not see where I was even shooting with all the flashing lights which made it kind of funny lol. Here is the record : 27 Plasma Cutter shots wasted on one Puker, 25 to miss and 1 to cut the leg off and the last one to cut the arm off, see if anyone can beat that record.

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