The beginner's guide to replays

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    The beginner's guide to replays Empty The beginner's guide to replays

    Post by Moliat on Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:16 pm

    Uploading replays
    You will find all replays you have in this directory: Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes/playback
    In order to upload a replay, go to GR CoH, mouse-over "Replays" and click "Upload". Follow the instructions on-screen. When the replay has been uploaded, copy the URL of the replay. Then you need to create a topic in the "CoH Replays" DFA sub-forum and provide the link to the replay whose URL you just copied.

    Saving your own replays
    There are two ways:

    1. After having finished a game, you get to view the statistics page for that game. On that page you can click "Save replay". Clicking this is one way of saving the replay of that game in the aforementioned directory.
    2. When you play a game, the replay of that game will be stored in the previously explained directory until you play another match. The replay file for the last game you played will be called "temp". If you wan't to save this replay, simply name it something else. Naming it anything but "temp" will save it until you manually delete it yourself.

    Watching replays
    In order to watch a replay that someone have uploaded, you first need to download the replay file. Click the link that should be provided in the replay topic, as this will bring you to GR-hosted replay. Simply click "Download" (the green button), and move the downloaded file to the previously explained directory. Then you boot up the game and click "Game History". All the replays in the directory "Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes/playback" will appear there, and you watch them in-game by clicking play.

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    The beginner's guide to replays Empty Re: The beginner's guide to replays

    Post by Sp4 on Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:42 am

    Oh I knew it was in My Documents.. I spent about an hour looking for it in my programs folder because that's where al EA games save their replays to.

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