Am I doing something wrong?


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    Post by Sp4 on Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:06 pm

    You are not doing anything wrong... it is just that every other class racks up points a lot easier. You may find yourself dieing a little more often as well, because with a sniper rifle and a pistol, you are always at a disadvantage against anyone carrying an automatic weapon at the "standard BC2 engagement range".

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    Am I doing something wrong? - Page 2 Empty Re: Am I doing something wrong?

    Post by reclaimer_117 on Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:41 pm

    Whenever I used to get top scoreboard when playing recon I almost always went for the long kills. Bolt actions with 12x and a Rex in case someone tried to take me out. However for this long range stuff to work you pretty much have to get exclusively head shots. As otherwise you wont be racking up enough points per kill to keep ahead. I find a 125-200 range to be great for this. It allows for decent bullet drop and travel time that is still fairly short. Also, try to go for as many enemy recon as possible, as they are generally the easiest targets. Most players forget they have legs while sniping, making it a simple act of lining of the scopes and firing. Yeah basically I try to go for stationary enemies first, recons, AT gunners, engineers repairing, engineers about to shoot rockets, people like them. They are all basically easy points in my eyes. Anywho hope that helps, its basically my experience when I snipe.

    P.S. Once you start raping the enemy recon, there gunna get pissy, so try to find a place to snipe from that has a roof, as chances are within 3 minutes you will have about 5 mortars on you.

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