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    Post by LaurensReinds on Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:55 pm

    Q1: What is your Gamertag?
    A: LaurensReinds

    Q2: What is your age?
    A: 18

    Q3: What is the country and timezone (in UTC, if uncertain check this map) in which you currently reside?
    A: the Netherlands, UTC +1

    Q4: As a spread out clan, we all speak English to make things simple. Are you able to speak and
    understand it adequately?
    A: Yes, I am.

    Q5: Will you actively participate in the clan forums and check it regularly for updates?
    A: I will do so, unless hindered by personal obligations/difficulties.

    Q6: Are you currently a member of or applying to join any other clans?
    A: No.

    Q7: Explain why you wish to join a clan, where it is you heard about DFA, and why out of all the clans out there, you chose DFA over the others.
    A: I want to join a clan in order to play coordinated, tactical matches, together with people who know how to play Battlefield. I saw this clan in the clan=list on the EA forums. Your clan stood out to me because of it's more professional appearance and good information on the forum.

    Q8: Give a brief description of your gaming history and history with other clans, if any.
    A: I started serouisly gaming about eight years ago, when I discovered BF1942. I have played every BF game since (except for the Play4Free franchise), as well as FPS games, from MoH (the old ones) to Operation Flashpoint, strategy games, ranging from C&C:Generals to Total War and 1503 AD and a substantial number of racing and (online) roleplaying games. Over the years, my interests have shifted towards (more) realistic games, although I still enjoy the occasional rambo-shooter or arcade-racer.

    Q9: In two sentences, what do you think you excel at in Bad Company 2?
    A: Been playing since 1942 (< if you don't get that reference, I do not wish to be part of your clan), so I know how BF is meant to be played. I know how to use tactics, thanks to my experience with e.g. OFP and my interest in (and plans to join) the military.

    Q10: Describe some, if any, aspects of your gameplay that you wish to improve, and why these things are important to you.
    A: I wish to improve on my tactical communication with other teamplayers, as I have very little experience with that, seen the current level of mainstream game(r)s

    Q11: What is your preferred class(es) and approximate weapon loadout(s), and explain why you prefer these.
    A: When I do not know my enemy yet, I start off as a medic, sporting the hevier LMGs, the M14 or G3, depending on the map and my current preference. Depending on my team and/or opponents, I might change to any other class that is needed at the time. BF is not about you choosing a class, it is about your team needing one.

    Q12: You are playing Rush, as attacker on Cold War, describe your tactic on your way to the objective, and at the objective. The kit and load out are your own choice in this situation.
    A: I'm not familiar with this map, if it is required, I will refresh my memory first thing tomorrow. ;] If I'm not mistaken though, this map is relatively close quarters, with the occasional open ground and light-infantry based. This makes me go for the medic class, using an M14 with 4x and the M9, my favourite, fast firing and accurate side-arm. The first base will be going up the hill, so you'd have to either take the smoothest way up, around the corners or try to use the steep hill itself as cover, depending on where the enemy is focussing their defence. When inside the base, you'll want to cover th courtyard, while another soldier sets the charges, preferably the one on the far side of the compount first (aks for details on this strategy if needed, it would be a whole new paraghraph -or two-). I can't remember the other bases.

    Q13: You and your squad have moved up and are about to go for the M-Comm. Your squad gets flanked and killed en masse, but you manage to survive. What do you do? Be specific. This is a hypothetical question, so feel free to answer hypothetically.
    A: Fall back to the nearest safe hiding place and wait for your squad to respwan on you, while you defend it.
    'Fall back': Move from cover to cover, while neutralizing any direct threats.
    'safe hiding place': Usually a small depression behind a couple of bushes or a small shed. Larger buidlings are not recommended as they are usually searched first.

    Q14: An enemy attack helicopter (e.g. Apache) is up and incoming to your base, at the same time an enemy tank (e.g. T-90) is also approaching. Elaborate on which you would prioritize taking out first.
    A: Depending on the style of both hoostiles and the type of terrain and available counter-messueres, different orders are possible.
    1-When in a thightly packed village or compount or a wooded, hilly area, the tank usually get's my priority. Ambusing it from the upper floors of buildings (which it can't reach) with rocket-launchers or luring it into explosive traps consising of mines or C4 at chokepoints.
    2-On larger, open areas, the gunship will have a good chance of taking you out before the armor even has a chance to fire at you. Obviously, the chopper get's a priority here. Firing tracer-homing rockets at it will be your best bet here, in the absence of an AA-emplacement or armor capable of deaing with the helicopter.

    In scenario 2, however, you still want to look for a compount or such, in order to be able to provide the benefits of the cover, to deploy the tactics used it example 1.

    Q15: Which single word best describes you as a person, and how do you personally define this word?
    A: Caring. My srtrongest, yet weakest point is that I care about people. I will not get into this any further, as this is too personal.

    Q16: Are you willing to receive productive criticism to improve your performance in game?
    A: Yes, I would gladly recieve constructive criticism and/or tips to improve my skills.

    Q17: Are you interested in DFA's competitive branch? This is optional to all members.
    A: Yes, however, I would first want to get used to the clan by playing regular/training matches.

    Q18: Will you be getting Battlefield 3? If yes, on what platform(s)?
    A: Yes, on Xbox 360, probably on the release day.

    Q19: Generally speaking, how many times a week and for how many hours at a time do you usually play Bad Company 2?
    A: This can range anywhere from 7 days a week to 1 day a month to 15 minutes to 8 hours a day, dependig on personal obligations/difficulties and interest. I will do my best to be online as much as possible, on clan peak times.

    Q20: Do you know anyone in DFA? If yes, what is your affiliation?
    A: No.

    Q21:(Not required) Would you like to tell us a bit more about yourself, or is there any other information you would like to add?
    A: I only play on hardcore servers, and prefer to play most of the clan matches/training sessions on those servers. I understand that the occasional clan vs. clan battle will take place on regular servers.

    Q22: By submitting this application you certify that what you submit is a product of your honest, individual and original effort, and that you will not change the form in any way once submitted, unless otherwise instructed. You also understand that the application will be reviewed by a number of people with different backgrounds, giving you an unbiased but strict answer to your request to join the clan. Your submitted work will be stored in our archives, and anyone visiting our forums will have access to your application. Do you agree to these terms? Yes/No.
    A: Yes

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    Post by PR3SIDENT on Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:25 pm

    Hey Lauren, great app. GDEAD will be around to provide further instructions on your application shortly. Until then please feel free to check out our forums

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    Post by LaurensReinds on Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:37 pm

    And it's Laurens, with an s, it's a guys name over here. Don't worry though, you're only the 19751979477th American who thinks I'm a girl. XD

    I'll just put it in my sig then... =p

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    Post by gdead65 on Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:24 pm

    HI. I hate to do this to you, but we just switched forums. Please register at and re-apply.
    You can copy and paste your answers into the new application form (the questions are pretty much the same)

    Thank you and sorry for the trouble.
    -kent e

    Application: LaurensReinds 360_gdead65
    Application: LaurensReinds 360_gdead65

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