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    Post by Foibleson on Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:06 pm

    Q1: What is your Gamertag?
    A: Foibleson

    Q2: What is your age?
    A: 31

    Q3: What is the country and timezone (in UTC, if uncertain check this map) in which you currently reside?
    A: USA, UTC-6 during standard time; UTC-5 during daylight savings

    Q4: As a spread out clan, we all speak English to make things simple. Are you able to speak and
    understand it adequately?
    A: Yes

    Q5: Will you actively participate in the clan forums and check it regularly for updates?
    A: Yes

    Q6: Are you currently a member of or applying to join any other clans?
    A: No

    Q7: Explain why you wish to join a clan, where it is you heard about DFA, and why out of all the clans out there, you chose DFA over the others.

    A: I discovered the clan through the website. I like reading the articles about tactics on that website. I am interested in joining the clan because I want the opportunity to play as a team. Most of the time when I am playing, people do not talk over the microphone or work as a team. I am also interested in DFA as a clan of mature players who do not get easily angry or swear a lot.

    Q8: Give a brief description of your gaming history and history with other clans, if any.
    A: The only other clan I have been a part of was ­in a PC game called Myth the Fallen Lords, a long time ago. I have made my own maps and games in the past. On the xbox I have played a wide variety of games including RPGs and Ninja Gaiden.

    Q9: In two sentences, what do you think you excel at in Bad Company 2?
    A: I like playing a supporting role such as repairs as an engineer or spotting as a recon. I enjoy playing with stealth tactics and flanking.

    Q10: Describe some, if any, aspects of your gameplay that you wish to improve, and why these things are important to you.
    A: Sometimes I don`t always pick the best kits and need to calm down before jumping back in the game. Sometimes I am too aggressive at pursuing objectives instead of hanging back defensively.

    Q11: What is your preferred class(es) and approximate weapon loadout(s), and explain why you prefer these.
    A: Assault CQB: AUG, shotgun attachment, lightweight perk, magnum ammo Because as assault I like moving quickly and engaging CQB
    Assault (marksman:) M16, 4x scope, assault handling, if I am playing on hardcore
    Recon: Any shotgun, lightweight perk, magnum ammo, because I enjoy CQB
    I also enjoy being an engineer and prefer tanks to flying choppers. Medic and the LMG`s are probably my least favorite, especially on hardcore when it is harder to find downed teammates

    Q12: You are playing Rush, as attacker on Cold War, describe your tactic on your way to the objective, and at the objective. The kit and load out are your own choice in this situation.
    A: Recon: 870 shotgun; explosives pack and c4; explosives mark 2
    Cold war has a lot of buildings and is good for CQB so I would throw motion sensors and take out objectives if possible with destruction 2.0 On the way to an objective, I would throw the motion sensors where my teammates are going, and let them go in front of me, and I would try to stick near buildings. Once at the objective I would plant C4 in nearby buildings where I think the other team is camping

    Q13: You and your squad have moved up and are about to go for the M-Comm. Your squad gets flanked and killed en masse, but you manage to survive. What do you do? Be specific. This is a hypothetical question, so feel free to answer hypothetically.
    A: I would try to hide in an ideal place for the squad to spawn on me, and wait until the full squad had respawned for another attack

    Q14: An enemy attack helicopter (e.g. Apache) is up and incoming to your base, at the same time an enemy tank (e.g. T-90) is also approaching. Elaborate on which you would prioritize taking out first.
    A: I would probably take out the tank first because it is a lot easier to take out than the Apache. Especially if I weren`t an engineer, I would look for a stationary AT and plant tracer darts. However if another teammate can handle the tank and no one is manning the anti-air gun, I would go for the anti-air gun. It depends on what the rest of the team is doing.

    Q15: Which single word best describes you as a person, and how do you personally define this word?
    A: I am obsessive, which means I can approach a problem such as game tactics or some other problem in real life and think about it for hours

    Q16: Are you willing to receive productive criticism to improve your performance in game?
    A: Yes

    Q17: Are you interested in DFA's competitive branch? This is optional to all members.
    A: I would try it but I am not sure how committed I could be because I also have to balance gameplay with my real-life obligations

    Q18: Will you be getting Battlefield 3? If yes, on what platform(s)?
    A: Yes, xbox 360

    Q19: Generally speaking, how many times a week and for how many hours at a time do you usually play Bad Company 2?
    A: I play almost every day and for several hours a day, except for some weeks where I am busier - my schedule is irregular, especially over the summer

    Q20: Do you know anyone in DFA? If yes, what is your affiliation?
    A: No

    Q21:(Not required) Would you like to tell us a bit more about yourself, or is there any other information you would like to add?
    A: There are times when I cannot use a microphone when I am playing because I need to be quiet around the people living with me

    Q22: By submitting this application you certify that what you submit is a product of your honest, individual and original effort, and that you will not change the form in any way once submitted, unless otherwise instructed. You also understand that the application will be reviewed by a number of people with different backgrounds, giving you an unbiased but strict answer to your request to join the clan. Your submitted work will be stored in our archives, and anyone visiting our forums will have access to your application. Do you agree to these terms? Yes/No.
    A: Yes

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    Application: Foibleson Empty Re: Application: Foibleson

    Post by gdead65 on Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:22 pm

    Hi Foibleson, Welcome and thanks for choosing DFA!
    Please read the following topic incase you have missed it, and reply that all is good^^

    As of now, we will discuss your application.
    You will hear the results within a week!
    Please don't add any of the DFA members to your friendlist.
    If you receive a trialist position, you can add us all.

    In the meantime, feel free to scout thru our forums^^
    If you have any further questions, just let us know!

    Application: Foibleson 360_gdead65
    Application: Foibleson 360_gdead65

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