PC Gamers Unite!


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    PC Gamers Unite! Empty PC Gamers Unite!

    Post by reclaimer_117 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:48 pm

    So essentially school ends in about a week and I have a steam library with 80+ games in it. So, I was curious if anybody around here is...well first off, if anyone is a 'PC Gamer' and if so do you have any of these super duper awesome games. So here comes a list of like 10 amazing games...also Steam FTW?

    1. Bad Company 2 - I got this really long ago...but never played as DFA took up all my BadCo. time for a long time XD
    2. Napoleon:Total War - One of my favs in the series...too bad I suck XD
    3. Men of War - Probably one of my favorite RTS series out there, it's just so in depth that it blows my mind
    4. Magicka - Really fun wizarding indie game where you just blow shit up with crazy spells
    5. DoW2 - Again, suck at this game but I love the Last Stand game mode
    6. Mount and Blade:Warband - Amazing RPG game, bad graphics and weird combat but overall amazing
    7. Team Fortress 2 - Obviously (F***ing HATS!)
    8. Lugaru HD - Just...buy it, or ask nice and Ill send a DL link XD
    9. Civilization 5 - Love it
    10. VVVVVV - Probably one of my favorite platformers...with amazing music might I add

    Essentially this was a list I made because I was bored. But if anyone has Steam here and wants to hit me up during the summer and play some BC2, CoH, DoW2, MoW, CS, TF2 etc... just add me

    Steam: reclaimer_117 if that doesn't work then Mr Pills

    Also, xbox ran out apparently, learned that about half an hour ago.

    Peace, see you all on the Battlefield! during the summer

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    PC Gamers Unite! Empty Re: PC Gamers Unite!

    Post by cmbtking on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:32 pm

    i used to be a hardcore PC gamer...but i mostly played FPS games

    i've played all the Command and Conquer games
    all of the Battlefield games and mods/expansions
    Americas Army (by far my fav PC game ever. and FREE)
    Black Hawk Down (second favorite. was in a clan for a few years for it. so much fun.)

    i've never played the games you have listed...but i have heard about most of them

    if i ever get a better PC that can run the more recent games i'd gladly game with you

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