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    Post by reclaimer_117 on Wed May 18, 2011 3:52 pm

    Ok so I don't know if anybody out here besides me has heard of a new game called 'Terraria'. If you haven't you can basically picture it as a 2-D version of Minecraft. However, it is much more in depth with more of an action/RPG focus on it. On top of that it has a fairly polished MP with probably endless hours of game play.

    Anyways it's currently $10 on steam and if you don't feel like paying that there are tons of 'Lets Play' series on youtube that give a pretty accurate depiction of what the game is like. On top of that I'm pretty sure you could find a leaked version of the beta floating around if you tried.

    Anyways, amazing game, I highly recommend it...and yeah.

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