Recruitment re-opened

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    Recruitment re-opened Empty Recruitment re-opened

    Post by Moliat on Sun May 01, 2011 2:22 pm

    After a rather long period of closed recruitment, the DFA administration has reached the conclusion that we will be re-opening our recruitment. With summer coming up, attendance will take a hit as people go away for vacations, and we want to offer our members an active community to play with at all times. That is not to say that joining will be easy, but it will now be a possibility.

    In addition the DFA competitive branch has been doing extremely well lately, often playing several clan matches a week and not having lost one in a long time. The competitive branch is optional to all members, but those that choose to join will usually sign up with a squad of 4-8 members that regularly do squad rush matches together and have practice sessions if they so wish. In addition the competitive branch utilises advanced tactics that we also employ during our frequent full-scale 12vs12 clan matches. Alternatively you can sign up as a mercenary for the competitive branch, meaning you have no obligation to do practice sessions, but you will only be able to attend the 12vs12 and 8vs8 rush and conquest matches, not the more frequent squad rush matches.

    You can view the standing of the DFA squads on the FraggedNation squad rush ladder here.
    The DFA clan match history for 8vs8 and 12vs12 rush and conquest matches can be accessed here.

    If you do not wish to be a part of the competitive branch but still wish to be part of DFA, that is fine as well. Several of our members have chosen a purely casual approach to membership in DFA. You will still need an emphasis on teamwork and you will also learn and employ a wide range of tactics and strategies, but you will not be attending clan matches, though you are still more than welcome to attend casual events.

    Either way, being a member of DFA means you play when you are able and willing. So long as you let us know in case of prolonged absence, your membership in DFA will be secured no matter if you choose to sign up for the competitive branch or not. DFA is about professional teamplay in a casual and mature atmosphere, and we will always keep it that way.

    1st May, 2011

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    Recruitment re-opened Empty Re: Recruitment re-opened

    Post by riafomh on Sun May 01, 2011 5:44 pm

    Well worded, sir.

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