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    Sun May 15, 2011 2:44 pm
    Message by Moliat - Where are you?
    Seeing as you're completely new to these forums, I'll give you a quick introduction.

    DFA News at the top navigation bar links to our blog. That is where all important news and announcements are posted.

    If you are interested in participating in clan matches, check out the CSM topic.

    The "Operations" sub-forum is where all events, both casual and competitive, are announced and where you sign up.

    The "Application discussions" sub-forum is where all members vote on whether or not to accept to new applications we receive in the "Clan information and recruitment" sub-forum.

    "The Hangar" and "The Cockpit" are casual discussion forums which do not have to be game-related. They are public and restricted to full members respectively.

    "The War Room" is where BC2 tactics are posted and discussed. The "CSM tactics discussion" forum is where competitive-only tactics are discussed.

    You should also create a topic in "The Cockpit", letting people know of your return, that way they know that they should accept your friend request. You should also head to the clan roster and add everyone on it to your friends list. There's a lot of new faces, but we have managed to keep DFA as awesome as it was when you went missing.

    Welcome back, be active on the forums, play with our new members and I can guarantee you that you will enjoy your time with the new DFA!

    On a personal note: it's good to see you're back, I've missed playing with you!

    - John



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