AT-4 practice

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    Re: AT-4 practice

    Post by Lord of Beaver on Sat May 21, 2011 9:46 am

    It all depends on what the helicopter driver is using. If they are using flares, use AT-4, if they are using armor, trace them. I drive the black hawk all the time with friends, and usually i use smoke just because it moves slower and i drive a little slower. I hate when people use AT-4. if you can master shooting helicopters down with AT-4, your going to be hated by every helicopter driver because there is nothing they can do if you have exlosion upgrade. Their armor is worthless if you get a hit on them.

    Also, did everyone know that you can click down on the dpad and look behind you in your vehicles???? Just learned that the other week, now i can see where those AT-4s are coming from and i can get out of the way and not get hit in the back anymore haha!

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